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        Main uses: 
        Process for metal pickling in hydrochloric acid mitigation of corrosion of the metal substrate, while suppressing the generation of mist, promotion of oxide, silicate scale cleaning, having good inhibition effect. In normal use so that the corrosion rate of metals is greatly reduced, and there is an excellent Yang system capacity steel hydrogen absorption in the pickling process, to avoid the occurrence of steel "embrittlement", while inhibiting the pickling process Fe3 + to metal corrosion, so Metal does not produce pitting. Suitable for a variety of metals and alloys of various types of pieces of steel, stainless steel, steel, copper and other assemblies.

        Salient features: 
        This product is stable performance, simple operation, small dosage, high efficiency, low cost, non-toxic, odorless, environmental pollution; small metal substrate corrosion, corrosion rate, the process is not mist, use of safety.

        How to use: 
        1, with a solution: additive concentration is generally 2 to 5% (by weight). First measurement of additive metering of water, mix well; 
        2, with the pickling solution: the measurement of hydrochloric acid with a good liquid slowly added to the above, while constantly stirring the solution can be used after mixing; 
        3, may be added directly after use of concentrated hydrochloric acid using liquid or watered, but to maintain the concentration of acid in the additives can not be less than 2%; 
        4, the above concentrations of hydrochloric acid pickling solution formulated generally 3 to 10% (by weight); normal temperature; temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, otherwise it is easy to fail inhibitor, accelerate acid corrosion of metals; 
        5, because the actual situation is very complicated, first use or no experience yet, be sure to use a small lot of satisfaction after the trial.

        1, the product is slightly corrosive, if splashed into eyes, immediately rinse the mouth with water, non-edible; 
        2, after dosing should be using; shade sealed.