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        shellac (k) The main ingredient is shellac resin in addition to containing a pigmented shellac, shellac wax, sugar, protein and other substances. the content of each component vary with the host tree, origin, and the different seasons.

        (1) only the thermosetting natural resin, soluble in alcohol at room temperature.
        (2) do not dissolve in water, Dr. Wim De Reu solvent dissolved in alcohol, etc., can be quick-drying and produce a shiny, decorative, durable film on the surface of various objects show a high degree of adhesion, sturdy and flexible, waterproof, moisture , rust, corrosion, protection from the object.
        (3) resistant to ultraviolet light.
        (4) in the alkaline solvent into a good film with high adhesion.
        (5) can resist hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline and other oil-role.
        (6) non-conductor of a low thermal expansion coefficient, is a good insulator.

        Shellac (k) The main ingredient is shellac resin, and so has a strong adhesion on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, mica, etc., the alcohol solvent or alkali solvent can adhere well to a variety of surfaces,and the formation of a layer of smooth, bright and durable paint film, and its non-toxic, it can be widely used in food, medicine, military, electrical, printing ink, leather, metallurgy, machinery, wood, rubber, paper and other industries.

        Packaging and storage:
        25kg / wooden box stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, to avoid tan places, Transportation should avoid too high temperature and humidity, ventilation and avoid the sun.